Make January 30 Wear a Hijab to Work Day!

I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post today, but a certain, recent event made it impossible for me not to write, and I was adamant on posting an article post-haste to lend a voice to our beleaguered muslim sisters and brothers.


Peaceful protesters are already lashing back against this newest insanity, but sadly, I’m not sure if their strategy of turning back the ban will really make a difference. Trump must be getting used to the sight of protesters by now, and creating a trending Twitter hashtag (#StopPresidentBannon), while a commendable effort, is largely useless, since Trump doesn’t really follow anyone (other than his family), so he probably won’t see it, and Stephen K. Bannon, his Chief Strategist, hasn’t posted on Twitter since 2014. We need a radically different approach, one that will make even him take notice.

That’s why we need to Make January 30 Wear a Hijab to Work Day!

Imagine people all over the nation, in every state, county, and city, wearing a hijab (arguably the most recognized visual symbol of Islam), and showing their support! I can’t think of a more beautiful sight than a Starbucks full of Americans of every color, gender, sexual identity and religion in hijab. Newscasters wearing hijab on morning shows (Trump just loves morning shows!). Secret Service agents standing guard outside The White House cladded in hijab. Employees of the Trump Organization going to work in hijab (wonder what Don Jr. would think of that?). Celebrities strolling around sunny Los Angeles in hijab. Just imagine an entire country of brave and thoughtful people showing President Trump the symbol of his irrational fears, and confronting him!

While I recognize that World Hijab Day is just around the corner (February 1), we can’t wait two more days before taking action, not while there is a real chance of even more families getting separated over this new order, or people taking their lives. You don’t even need to wear a genuine piece of hijab, a scarf, or any other piece of clothing will make do; what really matters is the gesture. Since the hijab is a symbol of female empowerment, it will send even a feminist message (like the Women’s March did) to President Trump (like the saying goes, we would be feeding two dogs with one bone).


Time is of the essence! You have to act right now, and retweet, share, or relay this message of solidarity to your friends as soon possible! Make President Trump see the love and empathy of Americans, and Make January 30 Wear a Hijab to Work Day!



One thought on “Make January 30 Wear a Hijab to Work Day!

  1. Killing two birds with one stone, as men wearing a hijab is an excellent F U to the Muslim conservatives?

    When some French cities banned the Burkini, I kinda wanted to go to one of those beaches wearing one. I am a very obvious man, and at the time sported a beard. Sadly I could not afford the trolling expedition.

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